Automatic Fitness Automatic Fitness Der Film
Produced by Animas-Film 2015
Shortfilm 21Min. Stop-Motion
The central idea that has inspired this short film came from our observation of the industrial process and our vision of present society as a complex closed system. Thus, we envisioned a mass production machinery that works in repetitive cycles. The whole range of exploitation systems are trapped in this closed circuit, where humans are just cogs with a specific function within a complex mechanism. Humans live here trapped inside a labyrinthine architecture where the external world has ceased to exist. Moving along the conveyor belts of this world-factory, they follow their destinies as mass-designed products of a chain process. Raw materials are self-produced by the machine and used until their total disintegration. Following its cyclic path, the machine is optimized to recycle its waste materials. In other words, it´s an autarkic machine that is able to use its own elements and self-regenerate. It has eventually turned into a machinery that feeds of its human capital, and chooses by itself its appropriate working dynamic and speed in order to satisfy its insatiable hunger for production, regardless to the consequences. The automated system has only one goal: no matter what, to keep moving endlessly…

Mr. Hermann Everyman lives in a perfectly organized dystopian world. In this world every aspect of life is controlled through complex processes. These processes are constantly improved and optimized to total perfection. Everything that's natural i.e. the growth of plants, the sprout of love or anger are technically defined and retrieved through complex processes.

The processes themselves are interconnected through belts. Processes are taken to the next department. The burden of responsibility for the existential structure of society is carried by these conveyor belts. In constantly repeating sequences, they classify, sort and dominate life with clockwork precision.
In this perfectly rationalized daily routine Mr. Hermann Everyman, like everybody else, evolved to a perfectly functioning entity, thus enabling him to live, in perfect harmony, with the machines.

a Film by
Alejandra Tomei und Alberto Couceiro

Music: Boris Jöns & Ole Wulfers
Edit: Dietmar Kraus
Sound: Dietrich Körner

Automatic Fitnessto be or haven't time to be?
Automatic Fitness It is a labyrinthic poetry on the human automatism. A reflextion about our daily relationship with money and time.
It's an animated tragicomedy which plays with the concept of an all permeating acceleration.
It is about the stranglehold of everyday madness and the automatisms,
in which we are forced to live, work, breathe, think and exist.

It's a parodie of this already aged so-called "modern way of life".



Mr. Everyman is Mr. Everybody; he can also be Mr. Somebody or simply put Mr. Man. He's merely a shadow of a free thinking individual. His individuality has been reduced to the individual work tasks assigned to him.

Mr. Everyman is a serial product of technological progress. Cloned in large quantities like the 40 million Dutch cows descending from only one "breeding bull" and raised with the efficiency of factory farmed chicken which miraculously fill our plates with 1,5kg chickens after only 40 days.

Mr.Everyman is an optimized, intelligent tool. He's the further development of the homo economicus and by far cheaper to build than any robot.

The ability to act freely was taken from him only recently, since it turned out to be too stressful and keeping him from properly performing his assigned tasks.

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