Animas-Film develops and produces animated Films. It is also creating animated productions and development of third parties. It has a studio, specialized in stop-motion model making, motion graphics and compositing.

In collaboration with our partners and co workers we work and improve our art and craft daily in our studios based in Berlin Neukölln. As writers, animators and producers we enjoy the creative process under the same roof, mostly under the kitchen's. In our Studio/Atelier we create everything related to the Stop-Motion Animation; from the script and storyboard to the set, characters and the props. As faithful pupils of Dr. Frankenstein we create, characters, objects and monsters to be animated, which right after their creation would be filmed in our Studio in thousands stills/single frames, becoming alive, before they end in transparent film canned goods.

The digital age taught us the technique of Compositing, Rotoscoping, Graphic Computers, Motion graphics which we combine with our old ingredients, creating a new and own way to handle these techniques.

What we address with humour in our works, we advocate in reality.



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